Friday, 15 July 2016

My sport

My sport would be called Rockets.
You have to use a racket to hit the rocket and make go on the ground for a point.

Rule no.1 You can only hit the rackets three times
Rule no.2 You must not hit it out of the boundary lines else that's a point for the other team.
Rule no.3 If you hit it hard and goes out of the lines it is a penalty and the other team has a greater advantage.

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  1. Wow, Jeremiah! You are amazing! You have managed to finish the entire Winter Learning Journey in one week. That is a huge accomplishment!

    I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts and commenting as I went along. You have created a number of very interesting, thoughtful and thought provoking activity blogs. I hope that you enjoyed it!

    I will look forward to reading more of your posts next summer as part of the Summer Learning Journey programme that I will create for next December/January. I really hope that you'll take part!

    See you at Panmure Bridge in a few weeks when I come in to hand out the certificates and awards.