Saturday, 8 July 2017

5 Things To Do In Auckland - Winter Learning Journey

For the second activity for the first day we had to find 5 things to do in Auckland. Auckland is a city which has lots of famous buildings and attractions and even reserves and beautiful beaches. My favourite activity out of the five above is sky jumping of the iconic Sky Tower because it looks fun.


  1. Hello Jeremiah, out of the 5 things you have wroten I would rather go to rainbows end. They have amazing rides to go on like the roller coaster and bumper cars. Have you ever been to one of the five places. Keep up the astonishing work!

  2. Hi Jeremiah. Great blogpost. I like your DLO because you have added images. I like how you have linked the video on your blogpost. The place I would like to go the most would be Rainbow's End. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey Jeremiah
    I really like your DLO - you have a great list of things to do and the colors are amazing. I also like how you added a couple of images for each place. Great job Jeremiah.

  4. Hello Jeremiah, I also would like to go to Rainbows End. I like how you have added picture for each place that you have chosen. You are doing a fantastic job so keep going.

  5. Hello Jeremiah!

    I am continually impressed by the standard of your work! You have put so much effort into all your blog posts! I love that you have made this into a DLO, it makes it really interesting for your readers, and you have added some extra information about each place - nice work!