Saturday, 8 July 2017

Whale Rider Review

For this activity I had to watch two trailers of Whale rider and rate it out of 5/5. I rate this movie a 5/5 because it has a very powerful and emotional message and it inspires people no matter who you are you can do it. This reminds me of a quote which read 'Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone; This is a good movie and I recommend it.


  1. Malo lelei Jeremiah,
    I agree with you that is a good and powerful movie. I like how you have told why you gave the movie trailer a 5 out of 5. Keep up the great work Jeremiah!

  2. Malo Jeremiah!

    This is such a great review on the Whale rider, I love that you have thought deeply about the messages and ideas behind the movie - I agree, it has a very powerful and emotional message that you can do anything, no matter who you are! And what a beautiful quote you have added - I'm sure this will encourage and inspire all those who read your post!

    Wonderful work Jeremiah, keep it up!!

    Nicky :)

  3. Hi Jeremiah. The reason behind your rating is great. You have done a great job. keep up the fabulous work you have been doing.

  4. Hey Jeremiah
    I rated it a three out of five, not because it was a bad film, because I don't think it would be a movie I would like to watch. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hello Jeremiah, you have given really great reasons why you think this is a great movie. You are doing an awesome job completing the activities so keep it up.