Friday, 29 July 2016

Persuasive Text


This link will explain what I think is a persuasive text/Paragraph.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Word Web

L.I To create a word web  to find antonyms and Synonyms for Consequence and mound

For reading today we had to find the synonyms and antonyms. The 2 words I had to find the synonyms and antonyms for were Consequence and mounds. The word I found difficult was mounds because it doesn't sound like a word I would ever use.

My Maths Follow up Place Value

                   L.I. To Use Place Values to solve an equation

This is my follow up for maths.In this slide it will explain how to use place values.  The thing I found difficult was learning and understanding place value. The thing that was confusing was reading the numbers that were grouped in ones, tens and hundreds.

Monday, 25 July 2016

My Favourite Season

This is my favourite season because it is picturesque and by favourite colours are blue and white. 

My Favourite Food

I did an activity that includes what my favourite food is.

My favourite Sports team

Today I had to pick my favourite sports team so I picked the English International Football team

Friday, 15 July 2016

My sport

My sport would be called Rockets.
You have to use a racket to hit the rocket and make go on the ground for a point.

Rule no.1 You can only hit the rackets three times
Rule no.2 You must not hit it out of the boundary lines else that's a point for the other team.
Rule no.3 If you hit it hard and goes out of the lines it is a penalty and the other team has a greater advantage.

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2 Ways I Can Fundraise for our Paralympians

My first fundraising idea would be to make a charitable event like movies in the park.Things like that.
My 2nd idea would be to make a donation site that you can donate money for there tickets.
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Who would I choose to be my cycling partnes?

I would pick my cousin Teresa because she is sporty and is very competitive.She also makes me laughs and she has a sense of humour.

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Olympic parade started but suddenly...

I was sitting amongst the noisy crowd but suddenly lightning struck the stadium and everyone quietened down.We sat in dead silents and waited for the horrible sound to end.Suddenly the lights went out. The stadium was pitch black and we could hear the shrieking of police sirens echoing through the big stadium. The Olympians were standing in fear waiting for something to happen.The lights beamed on and the lightning stopped. The stadium was full of police.The police searched every corner of the stadium until it was safe.It carried on like nothing happened.Everyone dance merrily and waved there proud flag.And the Olympics began again.

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People I would invite to the 2024 Olympics

I would invite Richie McCaw to attend the Olympics because he is a great role model and is one of NZ best sports player.
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My Review on previous Summer Olympics Uniforms

In my personal opinion I think the New Zealand's Athens uniform is the best because it is really outstanding and shows who we are.

Second place would be the English uniform because it is nice and tidy.

Third would be the Beijing uniform because it shows the NZ colours and it is not as good as the other two

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A person who inspires me

My inspirational person is Stevie Wonders.He is American composer who is blind.He is my inspirational person because he shows that don't let anything get in you're way.
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5 questions I would ask Marjorie Gestring

My first question would be did any of you're training time take up your school time?
Who inspired you to do this?
Were you nervous when you dived?
What was your reaction when you won the gold medal?
How did you like Germany?
Marjorie Gestring 1936b.jpg

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Summary on the trailer of Eddie The Eagle

This movie is about a man name Eddie who wants to become a ski jumper.He used to go to snowy mountains and train.He hurt himself lots times but that did not stop him.He also became the Ski jumper for Great Britain.
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Be the Inspiration Critique

I liked everything about this video because it is really cool and really inspiring.I think there's nothing wrong with this video.I think this earns a 10/10.
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