Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Legacy 500 drawing

This week I had to draw a Legacy 500 for inquiry. I have been researching and discovering what this executive jet can do and what it is made of. I learnt that the turbofan engine is made by the American company, Honeywell. This plane can carry up to 12 passengers.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Legacy 500-Information report

These last two weeks I have been writing and planning a piece of writing called an Explanation. I picked the Legacy 500 because it is a really beautiful jet to look at. I have wrote about the engine, luxury, how it links to migration and more. Click HERE for my writing.


L.I. To investigate coordinates

Today I have been playing battleships with a classmate and one of my teachers, Mr Ogilvie. My teacher beat me and I was crying inside like deep inside. Battleship 2.0 was a bit harder than battle sheets. They both used an app of google.

Santa Tracker

Today Mr Ogilvie sent a link out for this game called Santa Tracker. It is a cool and fun Christmas activity for -12 years of age. You can do different things like dancing and play fun Christmas games. It is also a fun thing to watch them dance.  

Blog Commenting

Today I have been visiting other classmate's blogs and commenting. I was intrigued by some of their work.  


LI: to make connections with prior and to gather information across texts to form an opinion.

Today I have been comparing Amy Johnson to Jean Batten, Amelia Earhart, Richard Pearse, and the Wright brothers. Turns out Amy Johnson has a lot in common with different Aviators. Did you know Batten and Johnson both landed in Darwin Australia.

Table Conga

Today I have been refreshing my multiplication with table conga on Transum. I have been doing all my times table but decided to blog my 7 times table. I really enjoy doing this because it is a worthy challenge.

Legacy 500

Today I drew a legacy 500 for my flying object. I hate drawing but I had to get it done. This machine runs on a turbofan engine which is made by the U.S. company aerospace Honeywell. I apologies for my hard trying drawing. 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Key Word Summary

This week I have been researching a luxurious jet made by Embraer. It is called the Legacy 500. I picked this plane because I would like one and it has really sophisticated looks. (Outside) It was really hard to look up why they built it but I think they want to bring tomorrow's technology to today. Click here for go my Key summary.                

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Double Take

Today I did a game on transum called Double take. I made it up to 256 today but my highest was 2048!!

Blog Commenting

I have been looking at peoples blog and started looking through their geometry. I found Angari's fascinating and well done. It also helped me with my 3-d shapes for geometry.