Monday, 31 October 2016

Times table

Today I have been working on my speed so that I do not need to think/work out the answer. I also love times table but dislike maths. This is really helpful and fun to do because  it shows what you got right and how long it took.

Blog Commenting

Today I have been Reading some other peoples blogs. Abdurrahim and Jack's really stood out to me because I like learning about the Olympics and seeing how people answer word problems. These two people are really smart and has very interesting things on their blogs.

Star Wars

Today Fraidoon and I did an I wonder Project about the best space trilogies, in human history. STAR WARS! I really enjoyed doing this because I am a fan of Star Wars and because I had the opportunity to learn more about the characters. Also May the force be with you!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

General Knowledge-Egypt

Today Abdurrahim, Sanujan and I have been researching about Egypt. Egypt is a really fascinating country because the country dates back to the Roman empire times. I really enjoy learning about pharaohs. I really enjoyed learning a bit about egypt.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

This week I have been researching about Beethoven and how he grew up. He is a really fascinating and interesting guy. He is the composer of my favourite piano piece, Ode To Joy. I really enjoy learning about old famous people. He also would end a performance if he heard someone talking.

Figurative Language

LI: to use descriptive language in a narrative text.

This week I have been learning a lot about figurative language like metaphors,personification,similes and onomatopoeia. These make your story more fun and more exciting to read. I also enjoy writing because it lets your imagination run wild. Also can anyone find a piece of figurative language?

Maths Must do

L.I. To comprehend word problems and To choose "the best" strategy to solve the problem

This week me and Fraidoon did two word problems that we had to solve. It was challenging to find an easy equation so we can answer it. I really enjoy doing word problems. The thing I think I need to work on is getting all the correct information.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Word Problems

L.I. To comprehend word problems & To choose "The best strategy" to solve them

This week we have been solving word problems using two strategies. I really enjoyed this because it was really challenging and difficult for me. We also had to explain what the question was asking us to do e.g. Multiply etc.

The Dangerous Walk Home (finding Compound,Complex and simple sentences)

L.I: to use a variety of simple, compound, and complex sentences.

This week I have been finding Simple, compound, and complex sentences in my story The Dangerous Walk Home. I have finally learnt what a complex sentence is. My favourite type of sentences is a complex sentence and a compound sentences. I really enjoy learning new things. Especially in writing. The purple is the complex sentence, compound sentences are green and simple sentences are yellow.

Emoticons-Luis The wonders of Flight

LI: to infer information about characters in a text.

These last two days I have been tracking a boy named Luis's feeling, In the story The Wonders of Flight.This book is a about Maria (Who is the main character) and her family on a trip to Montana for a holiday. I had two use emoticons to show Luis's feelings.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Migration 5&6

These last two days I have been finishing off this migration. We did the Aztecs migration as our topic to look into. It was pretty hard to find information about the Aztecs migration because it is a very old migration. I really enjoyed doing migration because it is good for history and it is good to know what birds do.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Leonardo Da Vinci

This week I have been searching up about an inspirational man named Leonardo Da Vinci. He was an inventor,mathematician and a very good painter. If you do not know him he was a man from Italy. He also was the man who painted the most famous painting the Mona Lisa.

Blog Commenting

This week I have been commenting on other peoples blog. I really enjoyed reading other peoples work because it is nice to know what people at school and around the world are learning or doing. I like really enjoy reading post that include geography. 

Migration Session 4

Today I picked the North Wheatear to find out about their migration season and how far they fly. I have never heard about this birds so this was really interesting for me. I like this bird and I also could not believe they cover 69 km in a day!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Migration 1

This week we looked at pictures and we had to write down what we thought, saw and think. I like learning about migration because it helps me learn about things I do not know and it helps me show empathy more to refugees.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Inferring Worksheet

Oct 13, 2016 9:57:06 AM.jpg

L.I:To learn what inferring is

This week I learnt about inferring and what it is. I enjoyed inferring because I had to put on my detective hat and had to find clues.Inferring is when it is not said directly but there are clues in the story.  


L.I. To comprehend word problems & to choose the best strategy to solve a problem
This week I had to pick two word problems to solve with two different strategies I know that would help me solve them. I found answering easy but finding strategies was a challenge for me because the strategies I know is not effective.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Migration-Part 2

This week me and Fraidoon were thinking about what would pull people away from NZ and what will bring them here. We also learnt a lot about what a push and pull factor is like jobs and money can be a push and pull factor.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Writing editing

L.I. To write a narrative paragraphs using  Topic sentences, details and concluding sentences.

Today Te Ika A Maui had take screenshots of our narratives from last term. We took screenshots of before and after editing our narratives. We used TEE to separate the different sections (TEE stands for title, event and ending.) We also read an example called The Invasion written by Jenny Eather's Writing Fun Website

Monday, 10 October 2016

I Wonder...Spain

Over the last couple of weeks (even through the holidays) I and a couple of classmates wanted to learn about Spain and what they do like dancing, and sports like Football (soccer) and running from bulls which the festival is called San Fermin. I found it interesting learning about Spain,

7 times table/ Studyladdder

Today I was working on 7 times table to improve my speed in all of my multiplications. I liked this activity because it really made my brain active for other subjects and helped me with seven times table. It also gave me confidence in other times table.