Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Public Health Nurse - Attitude Award

Today I have completed another activity for my attitude award. It is about public health nurses and why they are important. I think they are very important because they allow people to be healthy and they take risks of by putting their health on the line. They also are role models because they have positive attitudes and they are devoted people.

Respecting Cultural Traditions - Summary

This week is Samoan language week, so for reading we've been learning Samoan traditions. So to help us learn more about the Samoan culture we watched a video that included Mata'afa Elia Autagavia (who gave a speech in Samoan .) Our task was to find the main idea in the video. In the video Mata'afa was talking about how students from schools performed their dances. He said that the students were doing a lot of the actions wrong. This DLO is a summary about the video. We decided to use a summary because it is easier for us to find the main idea and we've previously used it before. The main idea is: We have to preserve the Samoan culture so people don't lose connections with their roots.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


For maths we have been focusing on order of operations. In maths operations are the symbols like + and -. The only confusing thing about this is that if there are brackets in the middle of the equation you have to start in the brackets. Firstly I was very confused but then it got easier and easier. I found this the most funnest thing in maths yet because it was the most challenging piece of maths.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Céline Dion Attitude Award

The activity above is for my attitude award. This activity is to research someone with a positive attitude despite difficulties they have faced. For this activity I've chosen someone who I think is a role model and has a very positive attitude towards what she loves doing. Her name is Céline Dion. She is a very talented singer and was once a bully victim. That's why she has donated $50,000 dollars to stop bullying. In my DLO I have decided to talk about some of her past and the challenges she has overcame. At the bottom are some of her songs and some of the biggest hits during the 90's. She has a net worth of $700 million dollars.

Friday, 26 May 2017


For reading we have been looking at reduce, reuse and recycle for reading and inquiry. The activity was a summary on why landfills are bad. A summary is a short explanation of a story/ or a piece of writing you have read. summaries are good because it lets people know about a story in very small detail. Anyway I believe recycling should be embraced by anyone so we can have some positive outcomes.

Tech- With Ms Anderson

At tech we have a new rotation that includes digital tech, food tech, and designs and graphic. I was put into digital tech. I find digital  tech so much fun and very active. I also really like our new tech teacher, Ms Anderson. For this rotation we are creating an interactive animation stories that include sprites. (read the second definition.) Today we have been just exploring a code game which included Maui and Moana of the movie Moana. 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dance With Mrs Anderson

Today for dance we have been learning how to make geometric shapes out of our bodies. This was very interesting to see body parts being made into shapes and how people collaborated on their moves. This is by far the best dance session with Mrs Anderson because we are finally starting on our dance pieces. The only difficult thing was trying to co operate with Miki because he is from Japan but we manage to created a piece  better than I expected. It turned out that Miki was very good at understanding but I sometimes couldn't understand what he was trying to say.

Monday, 22 May 2017


This week we are looking at metaphors. A metaphor is when you compare to someone or something, but saying it is. e.g. She is an elastic band. The sentences with the blue highlighting are some other examples of metaphor. The dependent clauses that are in the table is an activity we had to do. Firstly they were jumbled up so they all were in the wrong place. Then we put them into the correct place so they made sense.  

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Thank You Letter To Mr Wong

Today I have created my thank you letter. My thank you letter is for Mr Wong because he was my first teacher at Panmure Bridge School and my first male teacher. The other reason I did this for Mr Wong is that he is an inspiration to me. Here is the Link to my thank you letter.

Flying Feet

Above is a DLO that I have to show my working out on. The easiest thing for me to use is multiplication or addition. I found this easy because I know most of my basic facts but at the same time it was hard because I didn't know how to write it out properly.  

Rosa Parks - Respect award

Today I have finished my DLO on Rosa Parks. I chose Rosa Parks because she is an inspiration to the world. She is known for starting the boycotting of the busses. She is also known as the The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately people who were black and was in the same time as Park's was suffering the cruelness of the segregation law. 

Word Cloud

The chunk word for the chunky challenge this week is est. This personally was the easiest chunk challenge because there is way more words that start with est. Also I was able to find a country that starts with est which is Estonia. I chose a word cloud because I have never done one before. 

World Of Maths

The activity above was just one of the fun activities that World Of Maths brought to our school. The World
Of Maths set up activities that helped us with our problem solving,multiplication,addition,subtraction, and division. we also had to work with younger students from LS1 (who are year 5&6). It was good to work with younger students because we got to hear what they know about maths and having them around helped us a lot. My favourite activity was making a big square out of different shaped triangles. The reason I liked it was because it needed cooperation and it was a very difficult challenge. We succeeded because we used our key competencies which are thinking,relating to others,using language symbols and text,managing self, and participating and contributing.

Monday, 15 May 2017

As Fast As Lightning - Illustration Of Simile

This is my illustration of my simile that I've chosen. The similes on the side was from our previous activity. The activity was when parts of famous similes are mixed up and we have to put them back together. The simile I selected is, as fast as lightning.

Friday, 12 May 2017

3-D Drawing- Tech T2 W2

Today we have been learning how to draw 3-d shapes and how to make them. The things we have been learning about is how to make tones out of a colour. The thing I found difficult was drawing on the grid properly because I will always draw on the wrong lines. I really enjoyed tech today because Miss Ferguson was in a great mood and had fun things planned. My lines were a bit uneven which made my shapes look wonky.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Dance With Mrs Anderson

Today we did our first session of dance and for dance we have created a warm up routine. The reason we have created a warm up routine is so when we get into dancing we can do our routines beforehand. If you don't know a warm up is it is a preparation for something physical like weight lifting. Warming up is important because it makes your heart rate more faster which means more blood flow around your body. I really enjoyed exploring the different things people do to get fit on YouTube because it helped me create my routine. I have worked with Miki, Jericho and Jona Dona. The thing personally I need to work on is I should encourage my teammates by saying they are doing a great job. I'm mostly proud of Mrs Anderson for making dance fun and for doing a great job.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Even more Pizza And Things Strategy

This is my DLO of how I solved the given equation. I found it a bit confusing but then it started getting easier. It might look like a lot but it solves certain equations faster and more efficient. Also it is like lots of strategies joined together in one which makes it sounds like it would get the correct answer.

Making Connections.

For one of our graphic novel study tasks we did making connections. I found finding text to text the easiest because I like reading and I love reading about historical events. The thing I found a bit difficult was the text to world because there is no war happening.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Jeremiah Informed Opinion

Inquiry this term we are looking at reduce, reuse, and recycle. I have just finished my DLO. I feel disgusted that the government is ignoring the fact that the use of recycling is decreasing and littering is increasing on a huge scale. My informed opinion has information from a stuff news article and a kiwi kids news article. For this activity I have worked with Mikihiro and Sa Kae

Double and Halve - Strategy

This strategy was given to us so we can share our opinions. I think it is a very good and creative strategy because it's simple and can be explained easily. Also it is very interesting and is filled with very easy and different strategies. The only limitation I think for this strategy would be using large numbers such as millions in the equation.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Simile-Language Features

This is my illustration of the simile I chose she's as wise as an owl. A simile is when you compare two things with as or like. On my DLO there is a picture of Master Shifu because he is very wise and is full of knowledge. Click here to see other examples of what a simile is.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Tech W1 T2 Graphic and Design.

At tech today we were suppose to draw animals but they came out like mutants. Miss Ferguson turned on the laser cutter and cut out her cat pig. It was pretty funny and cool. It was cool seeing the creation of people. The thing that was good is that Miss Ferguson makes me have a good time at tech.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Chunky Challenge- Cline

Clines are very useful because they make your work more interesting by swapping dull words for words that get peoples attention. The reason I created this is because it is an attachment of my chunky challenge google slides. We had four choices, a word cloud, a cline, an image cloud and learn a new word challenge.

Current Events- Ivory Ban In China

In China they have decided to ban the selling of ivory. This DLO has my opinion and the opinions of a person that stands against it and a person who stands for it. We created this DLO to show what is happening in the world. This could change the amount of ivory sold by the Africans because China sells and buys the most ivory than any other countries in the world.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Prior Knowledge- Recycling

Below is a Padlet showing our prior knowledge on recycling and is it helping our planet. We all have very different ideas and different understanding that makes it a great thing to look at it. These different ideas is like the foundation of our learning.
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