Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Finding Fractions Of An Amount - Screencastify

On Friday we got the chance to learn about an extension that shows your learning in a fun and creative way. The extension is called Screencastify. For this we firstly had to write our scripts, then we have to click on the Screencastify extension. After that we clicked record. After recording this we were instructed to blog it on our blogs. the process of actually setting it up took forever. It was unbelievably long but the benefit is now we know a new and fun way of presenting our work.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Quad Blogging With - Paihia School

Every Thursday we usually comment on one of our quad blogging schools. This week we commented on Paihia School which is located in the far north of the North Island. For this week I commented on Chevylee's blog. I found her blurb very detailed and very informative.

Tech With Mrs Tuipulotu

Like always, we had fun in tech but this time with Mrs Tuipulotu. Today we made Pin Wheel Pizzas. They are pizzas rolled up into a burrito like shape. I thought they were sooooo good because you could really taste the capsicum. To me this pizza was like heaven between pastry.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Netball Shot Percentages

Back to school today and we have already finished our maths DLO. The mew thing we learnt was how to convert fractions into percentages. The thing I found most challenging was explaining our strategy to our teacher.  After finishing our DLO we played the algebra game. In my opinion the algebra game is the best maths game we play.