Monday, 20 August 2018

Scale Drawing - Maths Week

Last week it was maths week and to embrace this opportunity Ms Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson planned a whole week of measurement activities. For maths week we did an enlargement which meant we had to find a photo of something then transfer it onto a bigger grid. The grid is their as a guideline to make the photo we found larger and easier to draw. This year I chose a photo of Scar (Lion King). I chose him because I like villains and I found his stern look very mysterious. Like last year the ratio for our artwork was 1:2 which made the transferring easier. Our first grid which we drew over the original was 1 cm square while the larger one was 2 cm square. Art is obviously not my forte so the thing I struggled with the most was trying to find where I could start. I tried doing it many different ways but as I drew the back leg it started getting easier. My absolute favourite part of this procedure was colouring because I had used two different colours for his whole body to get a darker colour which looked great. Overall I enjoyed this one more than last years. As I compare this years scale drawing to my last years scale drawing I have definitely tried my best to improve my art skills. Last year I drew a basic minion and to make it complex I coloured the background with the colours of the French flag. This years drawing shows that I am showing more pride in my work and that my colouring is getting better. I found doing this scale drawing easier as I have experience from last year. Like every piece of art there can definitely be improvements so next time I would like to draw something which has more detail and requires a lot of colours so it does not look dull and boring.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Inchcape Rock - Verse 2


The Inchcape rock poem was written by a poet named Robert Southey. The Inchcape Rock poem's main character Sir Ralph cuts the bell from the float that was placed their by the Abbot of Aberbrothok. Sir Ralph wanted to cause havoc to people who were seeking Scotland's shore. This poem turned into instant karma for Sir Ralph as Sir Ralph's ship hit the rock causing the ship to sink.  

Kiwi Can

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Every Thursday we go to Kiwi Can which is a place where we learn life principles and morals in a fun way. At Kiwi Can we started with an energiser called rock, paper, scissors level up. I did not enjoy this. After that we started talking about problem solving. When we were discussing and sharing our ideas we were asked to define problem solving. I think that problem solving is when someone is correcting an issue which is causing conflict between the people involved. At the end we did a general knowledge quiz where I showcased my knowledge and won against the people I was put up against.

HIIT Training

Today was another exhausting HIIT session with Mr Ogilvie as our cheerleader. This session only included my personal favourite exercise, star jumps and the worst exercise, push ups. Today not everyone made it into the red but everyone was breathing heavily meaning this HIIT training is serving its purpose, getting puffed. For our warm up we played a game called whano whano. I have never played anything more physically demanding. Today I saw four different types of push ups being performed. I saw: knee push ups, clapping push ups, pulse push up, and the normal push up.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

HIIT Training

Today the HIIT group has been showing Mrs Anderson the massive improvement over the last few sessions contrasted by the first few sessions. This session was not our best as not all of us made it into the red zone which is what we strive to get. There is a range of different reasons that can explain how we performed today. I did not really like this session either because San Kyaw chose push ups and I am not really strong. The other exercises (star jumps, tap steps, squats) proved to be easier than push ups. Next time we all know we need to up our game and strive for success.

Monday, 6 August 2018

HIIT - With Visitors

 Today was very exhausting and the main reason why everyone is so tired is because we had a HIIT session which consisted of high knees sprints, tap steps, mountain climbers, and my personal favourite star jumps. This HIIT session was more nerve racking because we were joined by the two people who run the research (Nigel and Jackie) and a representative of sports Auckland (Georgie). Everyone put a lot of effort in today and only one person did not reach the red area. We were all impressed with our efforts and it was truly exhausting.

Cook Island Language Week


At Panmure Bridge School we embrace and cherish the different cultures at our school and as it was Cook Island Language Week we learnt a little bit about the Cook Islands and the cultural beliefs and food that can be found in the tropical group of islands. I learnt a lot including who the prime minister is and learnt that the Cook Island word for raw fish (Which is Ika Mata). I found this task easy because I've been to the Cook Islands many times and I have ties to the Cook Islands.