Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Launch Of The Summer Learning Journey With Special Guest

Today was a huge day for Panmure Bridge School because in our hall guests from Manaiakalani, Woolf Fisher Research Centre and the Next Foundation came to launch the Summer Learning Journey 2017/2018. Many pupils from LS2 starred in the movie. In our hall there were very important people like members of our Board of Trustees, Rachael, Mr Burt, (principal of Pt England School) Mr Sneddon (Chairmen of the Manaiakalani) and Mrs Pritchard. This important event was hosted by our head students A.J. (Head Boy) and Mia. (Head Girl) The NEXT foundation is a generous charity that funds things like the Summer Learning Journey. They also donate towards plans that will help increase the lives of our native animal and plant species and help preserve conservation.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Presenting Our Speeches

Today we presented our speeches to persuade fellow students to vote for us. I'm not going to lie I was so nervous. I found presenting my speech pretty hard. Ms Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson were very impressed by the standards of our speeches. Eleven people participated and I wish them all good luck. Everyone did a fabulous job on their speech. Below is my speech that hopefully persuaded people to vote for me.

Before I start my speech I would like to say that some of us will get school leader positions but we are all leaders of our school. I have been at Panmure Bridge School for nearly two years. Being here for two years might not seem like a long time and that is probably why you might vote for someone else but I have more experience of representing our school at outer school events. I will make sure people will have a speck of hope to go forward and strive to achieve. I have always wanted to be head boy for a very long time. I am suitable for this position because I have key qualities needed for this position like confidence. I have built my confidence during this year by presenting at places like Ormiston. I will also motivate people who are feeling down or feels like giving up. Also I will speak proudly on behalf of our school. Around the classroom I will show resilience and work collaboratively with my classmates. I will show our school values around our school and be a role model to our juniors. Being head boy and to sit among the 2018 school leaders will be such an honour. Self belief is the reason I am here and that is how i’m going to be head boy of 2018. Thank you and vote for me.

Christmas Maths Challenge

Christmas is around the corner so Ms Kirkpatrick created a maths challenge inspired by Christmas. Sanujan and I helped each other through all the activities set for us. The first question is the one I will be explaining how we got our answer. First we halved six which is three. Next we did 21 divided by 3 which equals seven. Lastly we timed 7 by 6 which gave us the answer 42.  

Thursday, 7 December 2017

3 Books I have Read In Term 4

Reading is one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. The books above are one of my favourite books of all time. Wonder is a very sad book but it is very empowering. The other two are books that are just fun to read. Roald Dahl is my favourite author of all time. He writes books that always intrigues and fascinates me. Geronimo Stilton is also another great series of book. The author uses clever words like 'fabumouse' and 'famouse'   

Self Belief - Excellence and Innovation

For my fourth activity I chose to do create a motivational poster on self belief. In my DLO there are quotes from famous people. If it wasn't for self belief some of the famous people of today wouldn't of been able to be who they are today. A little bit of self belief can make you go a long way. So have a little hope and keep going.

Goals of Term 4

One of my activities that I need to complete to get my excellence and innovation badge is achieving all my goals that I have set myself this term. My biggest goals were going up in my reading and getting my confidence badge. Setting goals for your self is a great thing to do because you are pushed to your limits and you strive to achieve.  

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

My Personal Passion - Excellence & Innovation


I took ages for me to think of what my personal passion was but I was looking around my house and found my money collection. I was going to choose writing or reading but I enjoy collecting money than reading or writing. I have many different currencies but my favourite is my five pounds from the United Kingdom. I really like old looking money, that is why I chose the British pound as my favourite.