Friday, 21 September 2018

How To Stand Up To Bullies


 Bullying is a problem that is faced by schools in New Zealand and around the world. Bullies are usually trying to show off to their friends or their home life is currently not the best. Reacting to the situation can make matters worst like adding gasoline to fire. There are many ways to avoid the situation. For example, if it is cyber bullying you can block them and report them. If it is physical try talking to an adult who you trust or try avoiding the person until the tension dies down. If you try and get revenge it could just end you up in trouble so it is for the best you make sure someone is aware of the difficulties you are facing.

Presenting At Assembly With Photos

Every assembly Tiava and I are asked to speak at assembly. Our job is to inform other students what will be happening next week and talk about highlights of the week. The photo above is a photo of us presenting at the official opening of the first Medicube in New Zealand. We were joined by members of our Board of Trustees and also some important people from Starship Hospital. I was asked to speak in Te Reo Maori which I found easy because I have been speaking Maori at other assemblies. The photos on the screen were taken during the morning at the blessing of the Medicube. As I am a part of the Kapa Haka group I also joined people for the special blessing of the new building. This was an initiative between Panmure Bridge School and the District Health Board. It has taken three years for this idea to become a reality but it is now situated at our school.

Charity Box Vocab Sayings


Today Mr Pineda got us to familiarise our selves with vocabulary relating to topics that we will come across later in this orientation. The topics were: slogans, shape, topic, and donate. Some of the phrases that we had to match I have not heard of for example fork out. This slowed down the time for me completing the set task. Other than that I found this activity relatively easy and surprisingly fun. So far graphics with Mr Pineda is going great and I can not wait to start doing more advanced things.

Decorative Letters - Name

We are three weeks into our new orientation at Tamaki College and we have finished our name art. They are different because we did them in decorative letters for example instead of writing an 'I' I did a candle. Mr Pineda (Tech teacher) has laminated it for us and they look great. After I wrote my name I drew: a British tea pot because I am British by blood, a kiwi because I am Maori, and sushi because it is my favourite food.

Leading a Special Assembly

For 2018 Tiava and I are the head students of Panmure Bridge School. Apart from the duties that are carried out by head students we also present at assemblies that are of some importance. We have done Duffy this year but never in front of a Member of Parliament. The Duffy assembly I have chosen was important because Priyanca Radhakrishnan ( a Labour M.P.) was at our school to share her passion for reading. Her story behind her passion of reading was inspiring and it had everyone captivated. Like always we sang the National Anthem and the Duffy song. This assembly was definitely a highlight  in my opinion because I could relate to her passion for reading. I find reading pleasurable and it is a great thing to do when you want time to pass.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Spaghetti Bridge Testing

For the past few weeks Ms Kirkpatrick's inquiry group have been constructing their bridges out of spaghetti pasta. In the beginning everything was pretty easy until the weeks started flying by and the assignment was nearly due. It was also difficult because of the limited supplies. The limited supplies forced all the groups to trade with one and other to get the project done. Ofa, Christopher, Te Pounamu and I built a cantilever bridge that was only able to hold one brick. The original design was to difficult to execute so we simplified it. If we had added more triangles or cross braces our bridge would have been able to hold more bricks. The total span of our bridge was 42 centimetres making it the second longest bridge. Sanujan, Jack, and Jericho had constructed a bridge that was able to hold six bricks in total. It was hilarious to see the bridges break and some of the designs were amazing. Personally I think that we had the best looking bridge and was only rivalled by Nyjah's. This has taught me that we should always look at strengthening the deck and to never become an architect.

Duffy Assembly - Michel Mulipola

All the classes attended this week attended the Duffy assembly to hear about the passion and the drive that has helped Michel Mulipola become a successful comic book artist. He is a: professional wrestler, an illustrator, and also a semi professional gamer who also partook in a gaming convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Above is photos of some of the artwork that Michel had the honour to create. It is the illustration to a book dedicated to a former Canadian wrestler who is Dwayne Johnson's dad, Rocky Johnson. Michel also was able to illustrates some of the most popular wrestlers for W.W.E. He spoke well and his story about reading was inspiring. He was the most diverse speaker we had ever at Panmure Bridge School.