Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Building An MBot

Today I had the opportunity to work with some classmates to build and programme a Mbot. This challenge really got us to collaborate and it really motivated us to keep going. This Mbot was won by Lyndon from the GEG summit we went to last Friday. The hardest part of this process is programming it because we still are trying to figure out how to do it. Besides that I hope Lyndon persuades Mr Johnson to buy some for our school because it requires collaboration, determination and it is a fun experience I think every student in our school should experience.  

Ormiston Presentation

Last week we went to Ormiston to present our amazing animation presentation. I went with Mrs Anderson, Tiava, Shannon, and Lyndon. After our presentation we went to a breakout edu. A breakout edu is when something is hidden in a box and you have to find clues to unlock a box. Next we went to programme a robot with Bucklands Beach Primary. We all had so much fun. This experience is something none of us will forget. Thank you to Tamaki College who provided us with transport.  

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A3 Flextangle - Maths Week

Above is my A3 flex tangle I have just finished. I really enjoyed doing something we don't do usually because it is fun and is very interesting. Maths week so far is going great. I am up to cutting out my hexaflexagon.   

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey- Blogging Challenge

During the winter holidays I joined the Winter Learning Journey. The Winter Learning Journey is a blogging challenge which is ran by Rachel and her fantastic team from Auckland university. This is a fun way to keep up your reading and writing skills during the holidays. My favourite thing to do was adopting a pet because I got to learn about an animal that has been roaming New Zealand for 200 million years. I found creating how you would of found a Moa  At Panmure Bridge School there was a lot of participants and a lot of prize winners. It has been a fun and interesting experience and I hope to see more people participate next time. Panmure Bridge School would like to thank Rachel and her stellar team for providing us for a free and fun thing to do during the holidays.

Tech At Tamaki College W2

Ms Anderson (digitech teacher at Tamaki College) has given us the permission to started creating short animated story using scratch. In my short animation I am addressing the cyber bullying problem because I think it has a negative physiological effect on youth. I won the same Kahoot twice today. The Kahoot was a fun activity. I hope my animation will encourage people to stop bullying people on the net.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Hyperbole Illustration

Hyperbole illustration

Our writing challenge for this week is hyperbole. It is pronounced hi-pear-bow-lee.  A hyperbole is an over exaggerated statement like 'I have been walking for years.'  Hyperbole makes writing more interesting and is used by a lot of authors. My story is about an unforgettable horrific walk which made it easier to write a hyperbole. I can't wait what other writing challenges

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Suffrage Movement Definition in 25 Words


The coming September in New Zealand we are having an election to vote for a Prime Minister. So for Reading we are learning about the history of New Zealand parliament and a very special New Zealander who has had a huge impact on women rights. Her name is Kate Sheppard. So far we have been learning about the Suffrage movement, and a lot of things New Zealand's parliament has been through like the governors powers are restricted or New Zealand became the first country to let women vote. 

The DLO above is my groups definition of the suffrage movement. For this task we worked collaboratively to write a 25 word summary about what the suffrage movement was. We watched a video explaining the suffrage movement. I was working with Jeremiah, Mataio and Tiava. One thing that I found interesting was that people risked their lives so that women can vote. We all contributed to this by talking to each other to decide if what we had written made sense, and if the information we had found answered our question.