Friday, 23 February 2018

Brochure About Panmure Bridge School

Panmure Bridge School has been around for a long time. Exactly 61 years this year. For my gold C.A.R.E. award I have created an informative brochure about belonging to Panmure Bridge School. At P.B.S. we have a hectic week every week. (especially the year 7's & 8's) At Panmure Bridge we have great teachers and hard working students. We all abide by the rules and show our school values (Confidence, attitude, respect, and excellence & innovation) around schools. We have a team of school leaders who will work hard and be role models to our juniors. I put together some photos which show you what we do here in P.B.S.

Blog Commenting

Today I have commented on Chavda, Te Pounamu, and Tiava's blog. They all have very descriptive blurbs with a DLO or photo. It was very fun to read and see other peoples learning and their way of thinking. They were all unique in a good  way.

Art Tech

We have finally finished our digital personal symbols and now we are transferring them on paper. Today we were given a piece paper to put our symbols on. We created five squares on the paper then we started drawing. I have not quite finished all of it but I have already filled in three squares. I found it challenging because I am not good at art and I don't like it either.

Inquiry - Winter Olympics

For inquiry we are focusing on the Winter Olympics. Already we have covered the mascot comparison, learning about the history of the games and the comparison between the Winter and Summer Olympics. Above is a comparison between our school and the Winter Olympics. Our school and the Winter Olympics have much in common but not that many difference in wording.

KiwiCan W3

Yesterday was our usual hectic day because we had to get everything like reading, writing and maths done before Thursday. On Thursday we always have KiwiCan. For KiwiCan we were learning about how rules keep us safe in school and in everyday life. We played games like hoop to hoop to help us understand why rules are in place. The theme this term is positive relationships. The motto is 'If you argue, sort it out, don't shout, work it out'

The Week Summary

For reading we are looking at the Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement between the Maori people and the British. 1840 was the year the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. The treaty was asked by the Maori people because the British settlers were not respecting the culture and the laws and customs of the native people. To show our learning, we created a descriptive summary talking about what we read in the book 'The Week'

P.B.S. Whakatauki

What is whakatauki? That was the only question going around my head. A whakatauki is a form of Maori poetry passed down by previous generations. At Panmure Bridge School our whakatauki is manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua. It means care for the land, care for the people, go forward. This means care for the land our school was founded upon, care and respect the learners around you, and be confident in yourself to strive for excellence. On my DLO it talks about our whakatauki, and our school values which are C.A.R.E.