Wednesday, 31 August 2016

General Knowledge- United Kingdom

This week me and Taani (Which is one of my classmates) did a general knowledge about the United Kingdom which is England,Wales,Scotland. In this presentation you will facts, maps, close countries to the U.K. and lots  of other interesting things about the U.K. I also learnt that in England you horses and donkeys need an English passport.

Studyladder Task- Addition of large numbers & Subtracting

L.I. To add and subtract using our strategy tool kit
On this activity the strategy I used was the column method or you might know it by algorithm or not. It is simply just borrowing from numbers in higher columns. In class we used money to helps out and to helps us get a clearer and better understanding. As you can see it is an easy and fast technique to use and have.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ancient and Modern Olympics

This Inquiry rotation I worked with Ms Naicker and did Ancient and modern Olympics. I did attributing images, facts about the ancient and modern Olympics and I also did a Venn diagram. In this presentation you will see what I have been doing. I learnt a lot over this rotation and enjoyed learning about the ancient and modern Olympics.


L.I. To Summarise

This week and last week Tongariro (which is my reading group) read an information report about comets. We read about Edmund Halley, the spacecraft Stardust, how comets are created and what people said and believed about comets. The Chinese believed that it would bring the death of the emperor. This is a fascinating text so if you ever come past it one day sit and read.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Jeremiah's [Australia Heading North ] Current events

Today I read an article about Australia going north so I used De Bono's thinking hats. There is the white hat that are facts, red hat which is feelings, yellow hat is benefits black hat is caution, green hat is creativity and blue hat is thinking.

Find Draw Animate Act

L.I. To Summarise

For this activity me Alex and Abdurrahim picked three words to find and animate. We deleted the act and draw slide because we did not need get it done but wait until you see our animations they are cool. We also attributed the images. Our three words are hazy, associated, and colliding. The thing we all found difficult was time management. So next time we will put more time into our work when needed.

The Invisible door

One hot summer day there was a sorceress whose magic could be a wondrous gift but sometimes an unspeakable burden. He was the most nicest and noblest wizard in the world. He played with children he held festivals and was a volunteer for everything like selling pies for Lady Blue when she is away. But behind closed doors he was looking for one thing only the invisible door that contains a one powerful magic ingredients. The next day he skipped all the way to his laboratory and made special glasses that would make him things he has never seen before. He peered out his curtain and scanned the neighbourhood but found no magic door. He ran through town found nothing, ran through the paddocks and found nothing. He sobbed and sobbed until he heard a soft voice. He looked around and found an angel standing in front of him. He gulped as his affections for her grew. That time he knew where the invisible door was and what the magic ingredient was. It was love.

This is a can do I did during writing. It was story starters I used to make this story. I love writing stories and 
I love reading stories. This story is about a friendly sorceress who is helpful, kind he also finds what he has been hunting for all these years but to find what it was you need to read and imagine. And remember reading and writing are things that give a head start in life and it helps you with spelling so enjoy and read.

The Cat-pyramid Poem

L.I. To use a range of vocabulary to create a picture in the readers head.

During writing we learnt about adjectives, nouns, adverbs and verbs. If you don't know the green is adjectives, nouns are blue, red are verbs and brown are adverbs. My poem is about an old, mysterious cat. If you want to know more you have to read the poem and I hope I made a picture in you're head with the words I have used.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Subtraction-Column Method

L.I Add and subtract numbers using the column method
L.I.To check our answers by using other methods.
Today I did an activity on Transum that made me use the column method. The column method is a method that you borrow from other numbers.You can borrow from higher numbers like if you don't have enough 100's you can borrow from the thousands.I found at the begging it was confusing but I started getting the hang of it.  

Monday, 22 August 2016


Today me, Jericho and Taani  played rocket ship. The Idea of the game is to help us understand and know how to use place value with a bit of fun and competition. Place value is my favourite part of maths because it is easy and a helpful strategy when I am stuck on a hard question.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

How to make a non-Polluting car

Today I did a DLO on what I have been reading and been doing during.I headstrong agree with the aunty we should have non polluting cars. It took me ages to write this even though it looks straight forward but it is not because it is hard to use proper english.

Maths Must Do- Transum Level 4-5

L.I. Add and subtract numbers using column method
Today I played a game on Transum that made use my Place Value knowledge. I found it fun,easy.enjoyable and something I would do in maths everyday. I used the column method to help me get the correct answers.I don't really enjoy maths but I enjoy addition,subtractions and fractions.

Monday, 15 August 2016

General Knowledge- South Africa

Today for reading me and Abdurrahim did a general knowledge about South Africa. We found it really interesting to learn about South Africa. I liked reading the facts about South Africa because I think it is nice if we acknowledge our neighbouring countries to show them that we know they are there.

Friday, 12 August 2016

My Poster For Advertising

L.I. To Create you're own advertisement (Brochure)

Over today and yesterday I made a poster advertising a drone. Our success criteria was to use the language that is used in a persuasive text like emotive language, repeated language,rhetorical question and personal words. The thing I found difficult was trying to use repeated language.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Word Web- Synonyms and Antonyms

LI: to find the most important (main) idea in a text.
Today I read a text about a aunty that always debates and today she debated about non polluting cars. The only thing I found difficult was the words. I like doing word webs and learning new and more sophisticated words.

Rocket ship- Blast Off

L.I. To use place value to solve equation
Over the past couple of weeks my maths group played a game called blast off. It helped me understand and get place value. I found it difficult to understand the game at the beginning but I started getting the hang of it. The game shows how the numbers work in a place value house and where you can put the numbers so that it is place value not something else like putting numbers anywhere. You also need a die and at least one player to play this maths game.

Monday, 8 August 2016

General Knowledge- Russia

Today I did a general knowledge on Russia. I found learning about Russia interesting and quite fun. I also liked learning about Russia. The thing I found difficult was trying to pronounce the words in Russian.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Hauora- Olympics Inquiry

Over the past couple of weeks I did a Google Presentation on Hauora with Mrs Anderson which is the whare tapa wha of our well being and health in Maori beliefs. I love learning about it and it was fun with Mrs Anderson. I like learning about Maori because it is interesting and I love learning in general.

Neighbourhood Niggles Follow Up

                                                     L.I. To find the most important (Main) idea in the text.

Over this Week Tongariro read a text about a girl named Suzie Long who hates her next door neighbours hens. I found reading easy because it was pretty straight forward. I also learnt words I've never heard of before. I also learnt how to properly write a persuasive text and identify what kind of text it is. I had to summarise the text, explain what I did, and show what we did.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Place Value Explanation

L.I. To use Place values to solve an equation

This week I had to explain how to use Place Values. I found explaining how to do it in subtraction hard because I got confused on trying to explain. I enjoyed and would probably want to learn more.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Studyladder results for Place Value's.

L.I. Use P.V. to solve equations.

Today Wanaka recapped on Place value. We had to do a Studyladder task which helped remind us how Place Values works. I found this task a bit easy but I really enjoy doing Place Values.