Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Jean Batten Speech

J:On September 15, 1909 famous New Zealander, Jean Batten was born. On 1913 the Batten’s moved to Auckland where she studied ballet and piano. On 1929 she moved to England to join the London aeroplane club. On May 1934 history was made by Jean Batten for beating the English aviatrix Amy Johnson by four days from England to Australia.

S:On 1936 she set another big record from flying to New Zealand from England. On 1936 Batten was given the Commander of the Order of the British Empire and also the Cross of Chevalier of the French Legion of Honour.In 1938 she was awarded the medal of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale which is the aviation's highest honour.

J:After her flying days were over she lived in Spain after her mum died. On 1982 she was bitten by a dog on the island Majorca and refused treatment and the wound became infected. She sadly died on 1983 in a hotel. Her relatives and the world did not know learn about her passing until September 1987 (5 years later than her death).

This week I have written a speech about an aviatrix from NZ, Jean Batten. I liked writing this speech because it is fun for the end of the term and it mixes with my favourite subject, writing.

Travel Measurement

L.I. To understand units of measurements and to investigate units of measurement.

This week I have been exploring the world and measuring the distance between the two countries. I loved making this map because measuring is one of the only things I love in maths. I also like numbers because it is really fascinating how they work. Click here for my map.

Timeline- Richard Pearse and the Wright brothers

L.I. To scan for key information and to skim text for general

This week I have been researching on fathers of modern aviation, Richard Pearse and the Wright brothers. Their have been conflict on who created the first successful plane. I hope that this shows you the answer and I hope you can understand it. Richard Pearse was surprisingly a New Zealander.


Today I did prototec for a can-do level 4. I do not like maths but I like multiplication etc. This game helps people with a specific area of maths. it is for addition and subtraction.


LI: to write a concluding paragraph.

Today I wrote a conclusion about one of NZ's most famous aviatrix, Jean Batten. After flying she started being reclusive and lived some where in Spain. She also flew the Gipsy moth plane from England to Australia.

Blog Commenting

Today I visited Jericho's and Tai's blog and saw some astounding effort and work. I suggest you visit these two peoples blogs because they are really helpful and understandable people. They also have passion in there work.

States of America

Today I have been naming the states of america because all eyes have been on the U.S. elections. I had some helps by some people in my class. I like a challenge because it forces my brain to think and I like new things about countries.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


L.I.To understand units of measurements and to investigate units of measurements

On our first lesson we gave Mr O all the measurements we know. E.G. gallons, tons and degrees. We also pointed out the metric system and the imperial system. We used centimetres and thumb rulers for measurement. It was fun learning measurements because it is one of the only things in maths I can stand

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Amelia Earhart Biography

L.I. : to make connections with texts.

Today I wrote a biography on one of the most famous aviatrix in the worlds history, Amelia Earhart. She was the first lady to fly across the Atlantic ocean solo (By herself.) She also won the distinguished flying cross. On July the 2nd 1937 she sadly disappeared in the vast Pacific ocean.

Jean Batten

L.I. To research an aviator and write a biography using key words and summarising skills

The last couple of days I have been researching on one of New Zealand's most famous aviatrix, Jean Batten. She is an inspiration to the world for all the medals and achievements she accomplished. she also beat Amy Johnson's record in the year of 1934.

Blog Commenting

Today I commented on Liam's and Mataio's blog. On Liam's blog he was measuring things in LS1 and on Mataio's Blog he was talking about one of America's greatest aviatrix, Amelia Earhart. I also enjoyed reading Mataio's because it was a really fascinating blog post.   

Times Table

Today I did the times table speed test. It is a really useful site when you need to practise you times table and when you want to find things depending on the level you pick. The thing I need to work on is finding the numbers because it sometimes has replicas.

Barack Obama

This week I did an I wonder on one of America's greatest president, Barack Obama. As you know this is his last year in the white house so I did him. He is a really good public speaker and a very inspirational idle in the eyes of the world but sadly he is leaving.

Jean Batten-Introduction

LI: to write an informative introduction.

Today we went over information report skills, so today we had to write an introduction on our favourite aviator/aviatrix. We did aviators because we are doing aviators for inquiry. I picked Jean Batten because she is a New Zealander and a very inspirational women. My introduction is called Jean Batten Introduction.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Jean Gardner Batten

LI: to research facts about famous aviators.

Today I decided to do one of New Zealand's famous Aviatrix, Jean Batten. We also had to answer some big questions, Who they are, what they did famous and add other information.Anyways she was famous because she beat Amy Johnson's record from going to Australia from England! She also was the first women to fly from England to New Zealand. She won a lot of medals from her successful flights.Click the link for my question answers.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Summary in 25 words

LI: to infer information from the text.

Today I had to summarise a text I read called High Flyers. We had to use some important words like desperate, favourite, first, take off, complete and much more. It was about Auckland Point School down in nelson. I really enjoyed this book because it was really interesting how they made their ad.

How a Plane Fly's-Explanation text

L.I.To learn the purpose of an explanation text & to learn the structure and language features of an explanation text.

Today I wrote an explanation text called How a Plane Fly's. In my explanation text I talked about the four forces on flight. I really enjoyed learning about explanation texts. Next time I need to work on finding some more information.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Line Graph

L.I.To accurately present data and to accurately interpret data.

This week we have been doing a line graph to show the average weather in Auckland.(Note this is not real) We also learnt an important word, probability. We used spreed sheet to create our digital graph. We had to do it by hand and on our netbooks.E.G. in June the probability of wearing a jacket is quite high. On spreadsheet it made our graphs for us. We found our average through the same way.We found it by summing up all the calculations and found out what season July is in. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Results of our balloon rockets.

Today we did an experiment on how Newton's third law relates to rockets. I really enjoy learning about Newton and rockets because it is really interesting and enjoyable to learn about. It is really interesting our results. I need to work on not getting distracted.

Blog Commenting

Today I commented on Chavda's work because she had a was one of the only person with a link on the must-do task list. I gave her positive feedback and helpful. I did enjoy her reading some of her blog post.


Today I had an interest in one of the biggest European countries, France. I loved learning about France because it is a really big and interesting country. France is the home of many big landmarks like the Eiffel tower.

Cook Island-General Knowledge

Today Fraidoon and I have been learning about one of my nationalities, the Cook Islands. It was fun learning about my islands. It also is quite fun there but boiling hot. I also learnt that most people on the island are Christians and there is only 20,000 people living on the island.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Charts of LS1's favourite movies

L.I.To accurately collect data,to accurately present data & to accurately interpret data

This week I have been learning about graphs. The most important word for this week is accurately. I love graphs because it shows accurate information. It also helped me show important information without using words. As you can see Fast and furious is the most liked choice.

Inference sheet

L.I.To infer information using clues and prior knowledge

This week Tongariro have been reading a text called the first flying machine(Which is an information report.) I really enjoyed inferring because I want to become a lawyer so it will also help me with history and even reading.

Isaac Newton's third Law

This week I have been learning about Isaac Newton's third law. We also used Newton's third law to help with our experiment with different items hacky sack,netball and a little ball. We also use it in all different forms like trying to stand up with another person pushing towards your back.

Monday, 7 November 2016


Today I have been practising my times tables. I need to work on finding the numbers. I enjoy learning my multiplication's because it helps me learn the whole set of division,multiplication and addition.

Hillary Clinton

Today I have done an I wonder about an amazing women, Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was fun to learn about. I learnt a lot about Hillary Clinton and what colleges she went to.She is a really courageous women. She also had a dream to become an astronaut. Go Clinton!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Flight-How do things fly?

LI: to demonstrate our understanding of flight.

This week I have been trying to find out how do flying animals/machines fly. I learnt a lot from flight. Also I enjoyed learning the different parts of flight. The thing I found hard was the last question because I did not know what a plane needs to lift off. It was really easy after talking to Mr Wong because he helped me get this done.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Inference recording

LI: to infer information about events in a story.

This week I have read this text called On the Runway. It's about a girl from China who is on a plane crowded with cowboys. Inferring is to read between the lines. It also is a fun way of reading because you get to be the detective and it helps with your reading. I really enjoy reading because it is relaxing and interesting.

Maths Must-do

L.I. To comprehend the word problem & choose the best strategy to solve the problem

Today I have been working out two word problems from different people in my maths group. I really enjoyed working out other peoples word problems. The thing I need to work on is comprehending the word problems. The author of the questions are Mataio and Jericho.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Grand king War!!

L.I. To plan and write a narrative within a week

Over these two days I have been writing a narrative called The Grand king War. I like writing narratives because it brings out more imagination. It also is quite fun to make up fictional characters. It also helps with your reading and writing.