Friday, 24 February 2017

Concept Ideas

At tech we drew ideas in 2d to help us get an idea of our jewellery we are making. Favourite design is my zircon  and diamond necklace (design 2) The circles are the zircon and the thing dangling from the zircons is the diamond. 

Technology Lesson 2, Product research

Unistructural- One idea with no other ideas.
Multistructual-Ideas but not linked together
Relational- Ideas finding connections
Extend Abstract- Ideas Come up with one big idea.

During tech today we learnt these words with Miss Ferguson from Tamaki College. We were comparing the jewellery from back in the pharaoh times to time now.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

E-ako maths- Fractions and place value

For our E-ako maths session I was practising fractions and Place value. I was learning the names, the equal parts and the number of cuts that makes fractions. I was also putting the different shapes in category from equal to non equal. They were interesting questions but easy at the same time. Next time I am going to challenge myself and keep moving up a level every day.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What Is A River

L.I. To identify and describe the features of the Tamaki River

For inquiry we had to describe the Tamaki river in exactly 25 words. I learnt five different words, mouth (of the river), source, tributary , meander and river channel. I found it a bit difficult to do it in 25 words but I succeeded with Miki. Mrs Anderson always says "We learn best when we learn with and from each other."

Friday, 17 February 2017


When you think Futsal do you think football/soccer? They are two similar but still different sports. In futsal the ball is way heavier and the ball is smaller. Also there is five players including the goalkeeper and in football there is 11. The goals are another thing smaller than football/soccer. And no sprigs or studs under your shoes just flat souls. The person who taught us all this interesting facts as a coach from riverside named Martin.

Water Testing

The school leaders, me and Sky were learning about the insects that live around wet areas. Sally let us experience how to test water, which was fun and very educational. She took us outside to play a game outside. Someone had a lunchbox in there hand and a person with a blindfold on had to listen for the shaking of the lunch. I really enjoyed the experience and a huge thank you to Sally from Watercare.

Water Cycle

For inquiry we have been learning about the water cycle with Mrs Anderson. Collection, evaporation, condensation and then precipitation.(It does not need to be in that order because it is like a circle, no start and no finish.) Collection. When it rains the water goes in to oceans, lakes and rivers etc. So the water has gathered the sky water and wait until evaporation. Evaporation is when a hot day comes and the water gets warm and rises into the sky. Condensation, is when the water vapour in the air turn back into liquid. Then precipitation or you might know it by rain. It happens when water condensed that the clouds can not hold it. Then the cycle continues because that is why they call it a cycle.  

Technology-Graphics-Jewellery designs

At tech we have been talking about making a 3D printed Jewellery for someone. We have been throwing our ideas on our presentations to help us create jewellery.Miss Ferguson (Our tech teacher) and us discussed different types of jewellery we know.(Like earrings,crowns etc) My idea is to create a silver ring with fake diamonds and Turquoise. Miss Ferguson makes my tech experience great and fun.

Technology Graphics- Design Brief

Technology Graphics- Design Brief

Questions :-
What group where you put into for Technology? Technology and graphics
What are the other groups doing? Wood
work, cooking, art.
who is your teacher? Miss Ferguson (Technology and graphics)
What did you do first? What my client likes
What are you designing? Necklace
What will it be made on? 3D printer and a laser cutter

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

P.B.S. Values DLO

LI: To understand how we will use the Panmure Bridge School values to help us make the most of our learning opportunities.
For this collaborative activity we/Mrs Anderson have created a DLO on our school values. We have taken photos of us using our four school values, confidence, attitude, respect and excellence/innovation. We had three main questions. What are our care values?, What does each one mean? and What might that look like in LS2? These values are important to our school because they help us be better role models to juniors and everyone around us.They also create a positive learning environment.