Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Three Places Where you Can find an Unknown Soldier

For this book study we looked at a sophisticated picture book written by Gary Crew and illustrated by Shaun Tan. The book is called 'Memorial' The story is about a young boy who learns about the long line of war service by his old pa, grandpa, and father. One thing I really enjoyed learning from this story is about the unknown soldier. To held develop an understanding about the importance of the unknown soldier we were asked to create a google slide about three different places where you can find the unknown soldier. My partners and I chose, Budapest, Washington D.C., and Auckland. The unknown soldier was created to honour the fallen soldiers that were not identified. Click here for the whole presentation.

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  1. Well done. I can see from your post that you have learnt about reading a sophisticated picture book. It is interesting to take a piece of information and find out more about it. Great work.