Saturday, 8 July 2017

Tuatara - What animal I Would Choose To Adopt

Above is my first activity for 'Wild Eyes.' For this activity I had to pick an animal I would adopt so I chose the Tuatara. The Tuatara is a fascinating native reptile of New Zealand. My tuatara's name is Ty. Ty is a Brothers island Tuatara which means he lives on The Brothers Islands with his family.


  1. Hello Jeremiah, What a incredible DLO you have made. I like the photo of the Tuataras. The thing I like about your DLO is your facts and information. It sounds amazing. I didn't know that Tuataras can live up to 100 years. Keep up the great work Jeremiah!

  2. Hi Jeremiah. I really like your DLO. You have provided a lot of interesting facts. The fact I find most interesting from your DLO, is that Tuatara's are the sole surviving beak-heads. I never knew beak-heads were a type of reptile. Keep up the great work you have been posting.

  3. Hey Jeremiah
    I like how you gave your pet Tuatara a name. I never knew that they can live up to 100 years! That's like the same lifespan of a human. Well done.

  4. Hello Jeremiah, Wow, I didn't know that Tuataras have survived for almost 200 million years and I also didn't know that they can live up to one hundred years. I like how you have given your adopted pet a name. Keep on working hard.

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  6. Kia Orana Jeremiah!

    Wow, I love that you have given your Tuatara a name and told us what it means! Very cool! Ty is a great name! Do you know whereabouts Brothers Island is?