Monday, 20 March 2017

People Living in Auckland Have Been Asked to Conserve Water.Why?

This DLO is about the water problems Auckland has been facing this month. We have put in links to articles so if you guys are interested you can explore why we are having these problems Stuff News,News hub,and Auckland Council . There have been floods which was one reason why we have these issues with our water. I used some of my old learning to help me create a more better and more informed DLO. I used my water testing knowledge,Omaru river DLO,and what is a river learning. They have asked Auckland to cut down to 20 litres of water per person and per day. This link will show you some useful tips on how to save water. We have been enquiring about this subject because we live in Auckland which has an affect on us and that Hunua falls is where we are going for camp.

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