Monday, 11 December 2017

Presenting Our Speeches

Today we presented our speeches to persuade fellow students to vote for us. I'm not going to lie I was so nervous. I found presenting my speech pretty hard. Ms Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson were very impressed by the standards of our speeches. Eleven people participated and I wish them all good luck. Everyone did a fabulous job on their speech. Below is my speech that hopefully persuaded people to vote for me.

Before I start my speech I would like to say that some of us will get school leader positions but we are all leaders of our school. I have been at Panmure Bridge School for nearly two years. Being here for two years might not seem like a long time and that is probably why you might vote for someone else but I have more experience of representing our school at outer school events. I will make sure people will have a speck of hope to go forward and strive to achieve. I have always wanted to be head boy for a very long time. I am suitable for this position because I have key qualities needed for this position like confidence. I have built my confidence during this year by presenting at places like Ormiston. I will also motivate people who are feeling down or feels like giving up. Also I will speak proudly on behalf of our school. Around the classroom I will show resilience and work collaboratively with my classmates. I will show our school values around our school and be a role model to our juniors. Being head boy and to sit among the 2018 school leaders will be such an honour. Self belief is the reason I am here and that is how i’m going to be head boy of 2018. Thank you and vote for me.

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