Monday, 26 June 2017

Yule - German Celebration

To celebrate Matariki we have 3 tasks to finish before Wednesday. The tasks we have to finish are learning about another winter solstice celebration, to create an animation to explain the winter and summer solstice and learning about the legend of the 7 stars. To start Ofa (my partner) and I started with learning about other winter solstice celebrations. The celebration we chose is called Yule. Yule is a German celebration which has become known as Christmas. This was written in the Saga which is written in Old Norse (which is the old Norwegian language) or in Old Icelandic. Our DLO includes facts and a bit of history of Yule. The photo on the bottom left is a Yule fairy and the one on the bottom right is the sun goddess Sunna or Sól.

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