Saturday, 8 July 2017

Being Predator Free By 2050 - Winter Learning Journey

This is my DLO on why we should be predator free. I think the biggest pest in New Zealand is Possums. Possums have been a problem for New Zealand for quite some time and I am happy we are taking action on this crisis.


  1. Kia Ora Jeremiah
    I really like the photos you have chosen of the native animals. It's said when pests like possums eat the natives birds eggs. It's really bad right. Keep up the stunning work!

  2. Hi Jeremiah
    I really like how you had added pictures to your google drawing.
    This very fun and interesting to read. For you second box "They eat adult birds who have young to look after" did you mean who have young birds to look after. But anyway this is a great work keep it up.

    From Sanujan

  3. Hi Jeremiah. I agree with, Possums is New Zealand's biggest pest. They are doing a lot of harm to out native plants and animals. Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Hey Jeremiah
    I agree with you - possums might be the biggest pest in New Zealand. They are damaging the environment. Keep up the superb work.

  5. Hello Jeremiah, I agree with you. Pests like possums are affecting our native animals and plants. Possums have diseases that can spread. Keep it up.

  6. Hey Jeremiah!

    These are four really great points you have made. Your argument is both informative and persuasive! Well done.

    Nicky :)