Thursday, 14 June 2018

KiwiCan Reflection - Integrity

This term our theme for KiwiCan is integrity and Miss Lily and Mr Matt. Integrity is a quality everyone should have as the behaviour and manners we show will have a positive affect on future generations. Integrity means to be honest or to have have powerful knowledge to correctly conduct certain situations. This week the value we have been learning about is accountability. Accountability is when you take responsibility for the negative actions you have displayed. People who do not show accountability will have their actions reflected on other students or their future endeavours. At school you will be able to see integrity when students are trying to settle their differences in a peaceful way. The most important place integrity can be exhibited  is within class and our learning. Accountability can be found when you have accidentally hurt a friend and you apologise, or when you remember to bring deodorant and your P.E. uniform on a Thursday. A great way to show accountability is when you have not finished set work and you do it at home. We have played fun games to show how we can demonstrate integrity and accountability.

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